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Hi Everyone, welcome to food and recipes with TP. I love food, sampling flavors, trying out new recipes and I am excited to have you fellow food lovers on this food adventure and I absolutely can’t wait to share my discoveries with you. Feel free to reach out to me via the comment section, I would love to hear your thoughts on the recipes I would be sharing on this section, if you have a recipe you would want me to try out please tell me in the comment section or recipe you would like for me to post, drop me a line in the comment section and if you tried out any of my recipes please let me know how it went, I would love to read all about it.

The Catfish Pepper Soup

The recipe I would be sharing today is how to Prepare Catfish Peppersoup with Spring Onions. When I discovered the recipe, I was wowed, the result was amazing, I am sure most of us grew up cooking peppersoup with either scent leaf or Hot Leaf (What the igbos call Uziza Leaf) and just reserved spring onion for our sauce, Fried rice etc so you can imagine my delight when I swapped my leaf for Spring Onion and got a pleasant surprise. Ingredients you’d need are: • Medium Sized Catfish (Cleaned and Cut) • 4 Uda Seeds (broken) • 5 Ehuru Seeds (broken) • 1 Medium sized fresh Spring Onion (Chopped) • A pinch of potash (Optional) • 1 Small sized onion (Chopped) • 5 seeds of fresh chopped Scotch bonnet pepper ( you can also use ground dry pepper instead). • Salt and Seasoning to taste Method: Bring 5 cups of water in a pot to boil Add chopped pepper and onions Add broken ehuru and Uda seeds (you can also use preground peppersoup spices sold in the market Add salt and Seasoning Then add cut Catfish and allow to cook for 20mins. Fish is generally not supposed to cook for too long otherwise it will lose its firmness and taste.

After 20mins, check that fish is cooked then add your Potash and allow to cook for a 2mins. Lastly add the chopped spring onion and allow to cook for 1 minute, check for taste and Voila Catfish peppersoup with Spring Onion is ready. You can pair it with rice, irish potatoes, Agidi/Eko, yam or eat it on its own without pairing.

This meal is super healthy, super affordable and suitable for little children as long as you go easy on the pepper (Toddlers love it). Feel free to try out this recipe and let me know how it went in the comment section. P:s Adding fish to boiling water helps it stay firm. If you put the fish in the pot, add water then allow it boil, there is a tendency the fish would disintegrate.

Homemade Party Jollof Rice

The holidays are almost upon us and I know we would want to do something special for our families so I am here to give you a sweet hack in making Jollof rice that would thrill your family. How to cook party jollof using your gas cooker. We all know how great party jollof rice tastes and for a long time believed we can only get that great smoky flavor if we cook it with firewood. Well, I am breaking that myth today for I am telling you party jollof can be made in your kitchen, yes that’s right in your KITCHEN!! Can I get an Amen!!!!!!The holidays are almost upon us and I know we would want to do something special for our families so I am here to give you a sweet hack in making Jollof rice that would thrill your family. How to cook party jollof using your gas cooker. We all know how great party jollof rice tastes and for a long time believed we can only get that great smoky flavor if we cook it with firewood.

Well, I am breaking that myth today for I am telling you party jollof can be made in your kitchen, yes that’s right in your KITCHEN!! Can I get an Amen!!!!!! Let’s go…… Ingredients • 2 cups of rice • 1 cup of meat stock • 1 small sized tin tomato • 6 seeds of tomato • 4 seeds of scotch bonnet pepper (Fresh Pepper) • 1 large onion (Cut in two) • 1 small chunk of ginger • A clove of garlic • Salt and Seasoning to taste • 4 serving spoons of groundnut oil • Curry and thyme • A teaspoon of ground crayfish Method: Blend your tomatoes, pepper, onion, ginger and garlic together (leave 2 seeds of tomato and half a bulb of onion aside for garnishing) Pour in a pot, add salt, curry, thyme, maggi and allow to boil. Stirring occasionally. After 5 minutes add can of tin tomatoes and allow to continue cooking. Once you have a thick paste like mixture, take it of the cooker. Add meat stock to your already parboiled rice and allow to cook. The stock to rice ratio should be such that it’s just enough to cook the rice till it’s slightly soft. While rice is cooking, in a larger pot, heat oil and fry your boiled tomato. Add some more seasoning to taste, a teaspoon of ground crayfish ( don’t worry if it tastes like seasoning is too much when you add the rice it will balance out), go easy on salt and stir continuously on medium heat to make sure it does not burn. When stew is dry, lower heat further and start adding your rice, stirring continuously as you do so. Once all the rice is added, check for taste cover and allow to simmer still on low heat (DO NOT ADD ANYMORE WATER) Chop the last 2 seeds of tomato and half bulb of onions and add it to your rice (DO OT STIR). Now to get your party jollof flavor, increase the heat slightly and let it buuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrn Let it burrrrrrrrrnnnnnnn LET IT BURN!!!!!! Okay just for 15 minutes after which you come and stir. By now you should taste and smell the party flavor. Let it burn for 5 more minutes, stir and PARTY!!!!!!

Puff & Puff

Show me who does not like puff puff and I will show a person that is always vexing. Even fitfam people like puff puff occasionally. And our little ones, love it so it’s a good and quick snack you can make for your children. You will need • 4 serving spoons of flour (Sieved) • 1 serving spoon of sugar (Optional) • A pinch of salt • Half a teaspoon of nutmeg • Chopped fresh pepper (Optional) • 1 egg (Optional) • 2 small Satchels of milk (optional) • A large bowl or bucket with lid • 1 teaspoon of yeast • Vegetable oil

Method Mix all the ingredients in bowl Add a cup of lukewarm water and stir. Keep adding lukewarm water until you get a thick paste consistency Cover bowl tightly and store in warm place for 45mins

Your dough will rise to about twice the size (that’s why you need a big bowl) Heat oil (medium heat) in a frying pan and fry in little chunks or any size you desire. Fry till brown. P:s, If you notice its browning too fast, you can lower the heat or switch it off for 1min for oil to cool down.

Yoruba Style Efo riro (Vegetable soup)

This dish is really easy to make and quite tasty too. For a great Efo riro, you will need • A bunch of efo, if you can’t get in your locality you can substitute with regular green spinach (shredded) • Roughly blended tomatoes, pepper and onions • Fish (or your protein of choice) • Meat (Optional) • Cow Skin(Kpomo) • Ground Crayfish • 1 serving spoon of Palm Oil • 1 serving spoon of meat stock or water • Salt to taste and Seasoning

Method: Heat Oil slightly and fry the roughly blended tomatoes, pepper and onion. Stir continuously till slightly dry then add stock/water, meats and fish. Add salt and seasoning to taste and allow to cook for 15 minutes. While your tomato base is cooking, Put water in a kettle and bring to boil. Pour shredded vegetables in a large bowl. Pour boiling water into it, stirring with a ladle or long spoon for one minute Use a sieve to scoop out your vegetable from the water, strain and add to the sauce. Add the ground crayfish and check for taste Allow to cook for 90 seconds on low/medium heat stirring continuously. Serve with rice, yam or any swallow of your choice.

Gizdodo Sauce

Before I go on, let me just say Gizdodo is Bae!!!! You can eat it as small chops, as starter, with rice, as company for your beer, champagne, malt. So versatile and delicious. Now that we have established its gloriousness, lets proceed to what you would need to make Gizdodo. Ingredients • 3 medium sized ripe Plantain ( Cubed) • 1kg of boiled chicken gizzard ( you can use turkey gizzard as well) • Roughly blended tomatoes, pepper, and Onions • I large green pepper (Diced) • I spring Onion (Chopped) • 1serving spoon of cooking Oil • Salt and Seasoning • Curry

Method: Fry your cubed plantain till its light brown and set aside Heat up cooking oil and fry gizzards for 5mins Add your tomato mixture, season to taste including curry and allow to fry stirring continuously until your sauce is thick and dry. Add your fried plantain and continue stirring for another 10 minutes at least Add the chopped green pepper and spring onion, stir and allow to simmer on low heat for 2mins, Serve with rice or eat on its own. Please drop a line for me in your comment section, let me know how much you enjoyed making this dish.

Banga Soup (Ami Ede/Palmnut Soup)

Urhobo wado, yaaaaa!!!!! Today on our recipe journey is banga soup, Banga Soup o!! Not Ofe akwu (That’s a recipe for another day) not Abak Soup (A recipe for another day as well), even though they all have Palm nut juice as a common base, all three soups are cooked with vastly different spices. Banga soup is made from the juice of the palm fruit, same one Pal oil is derived from. It is a very healthy soup (my fitfam people researchers have said Red oil is good for you, no fear), rich in antioxidants and tasty too. Banga soup is a delicacy made and eaten by the Urhobo people and other Riverine tribes of Delta State hence the reason for my opening salute (Lol) and can be eaten with Rice, Garri, Starch ( A favorite Staple of the Urhobos)

So to make Banga Soup, we will need: • 3 cups of Banga Juice (you can buy the canned one and dilute or press yours from cooked palm fruit). • A teaspoon of banga Spice (Orioma, obenitete or the packaged spice sourced from your local store) • Dried and crushed Bitterleaf (Also available from your local Market) • Dry fish and meat( you can also use fresh fish or or any other meat of your choice) • Crayfish (Threshed and checked for dirt) • Ground Dry pepper (Fresh Peppers will serve too) • A Small bulb of Onions (chopped) • Salt & Seasoning to taste Method: Bring Palm nut juice to boil Add your blended spice and crushed bitterleaf Add your dry fish/meat/ finely picked crayfish Add salt and seasoning to taste Add your pepper and Onion and allow to cook for 20 mins checking occasionally for thickness. At this point, the aroma must have filled the kitchen. If after 20 mins, your desired thickness has not being achieved, you can divide into two pots and continue cooking ( this is very optional) Once a thick consistency is achieved, check for taste for switching off your cooker. Serve with rice, eba, starch even Amala. P:s Banga soup should be served in a native pot to really enjoy it. So if you have being serving and eating it out of a plate, OYO is your case o (tongue out).

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